This Week In Hearthstone - PILOT

A weekly (or monthly, or not at all) comedy show in which we delve into the rich world of the Hearthstone metagame.

Footage/media stuff ‘borrowed’ from Blizzard, Trump, Kripparrian and Tempostorm.


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48 thoughts on “This Week In Hearthstone — PILOT

  1. AWESOME video!  Right up there with Trolden videos for comedy content imo. Keep it up!

  2. Oh man, this is a really cool idea.  Like the fake news cast format to.  I'm subbed to like nobody on YouTube, but you're definitely getting one.  Please make more of these!

  3. I don't normally follow tournaments so it is nice to see some highlights of one.  Funny show.  Hope to see more.

  4. Your coverage of ChallengeStone was both penetrating and insightful. I was particularly thrilled to see that sexy communist Kolento ownt with that shitty Shaman. I mean really. Only communists play Shaman.

    I look forward to your next weekly installment in the early fall.

    P.S. Less clothes + more hair = Subscribers.

  5. I like this a lot, all be it a little cheesy, it's pretty entertaining. This could be a good way for inexperienced players, or players who don't have time to keep up with all the Reddit posts and tournaments to catch up. And an a good laugh to boot.

  6. The funniest Hearthstone content is always on this channel. Awesome work man, I hope you continue this show 😀

  7. I think that Ukrainian joke was old when my grandma heard it before my birth, but we.

  8. Beautiful, I recommend adding another section, top deck of the week, where you showcase an agro hunter topdecking arcane golem and winning the game…. cries

  9. Make a Patreon or something, man.  I want to give you money to do more of this, and other people will as well!

  10. Pretty good stuff! I would suggest you ditch the highlights, since there are already a ton of Hearthstone highlights shows on Youtube, and go all in with the satire, which was the best part of this video. The BM thing is still a pretty good idea, and more unique than highlights, so that's OK to keep. Cheers!

  11. i fucking love your videos. 
    I think i watched your video about Miracle Rogue about 10 times and it gets me laughing every time. This one is hilarious too :"D
    Please make more of these !!!!

  12. Intensely enjoyable. If you kept making these I wouldn't be surprised if they became as much of a staple of the HS community as Trolden.

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