TOP CUSTOM TITAN HERO CARDS!! How Would Titans Break the Game? | Hearthstone

Wondering what some of the most powerful beings in Warcraft would look like as hero cards? My community has some great ideas on bringing Titans to life!

Get all the details and submit your card for Custom Card Review #45 here:

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Custom Card Review | Hearthstone | TOP CUSTOM TITAN HERO CARDS!! How Would Titans Break the Game?


23 thoughts on “TOP CUSTOM TITAN HERO CARDS!! How Would Titans Break the Game? | Hearthstone

  1. Hey Regis! If you take requests for themes, a cool one for the 50th Custom Card Contest would be to design a keyword, possibly allow multiple cards per entry and have people who make multiple entries enter different keywords.

  2. I like aggramar for mage purely because it’s a big mage card that barely has any randomness

  3. Sargeras.. Maiden of the Lake in wild.. Garrison Commander.. Blackwald Pixie.. Oh dear..

  4. @RegisKillbin I am curious, how would you feel about the freeze mechanic being changed to something more like a "slow" effect. What I mean is. A "Frozen" target would not be able to attack face that turn, but could attack enemy minions. It would allow for freeze to still keep the face safe, but not screw over the other play so much that they feel like they can't play.

  5. Completely agree on the first one, he should definitely be a Shaman card, he doesn't really fit in Mage at all — which is entirely spell based, not really minion based, there's some elemental support there, but it's mostly focused on summoning elementals with magic, not really a massive warrior friends with a huge elemental.

    For the first Norgannon, this seems really bad, why not just watch your opponents stream to see their hand?

    Something to note about Argus, as it stands in Hearthstone, "Cast When Drawn" also draws a card. This means Argus could be used to just, thin out your deck you could cycle a crazy amount in a turrn, in order to hit a massive combo, but the combo would require 0 spell input or massive luck.

  6. So why Lifebinders give Dream cards lol. Imagine Red Dragonflight giving you Dream cards.

  7. Sargeras and waterboy from rastakhan with bounce effects could be really good tho

  8. Norgannon probably good if mage has bunch of deathrattle on board since unlike reno, it's not disappear but destroy
    Or if for each 2 card on board that get destroyed gain 1 spell damage

  9. You play Norgannon in some spell mage. That way, the only time the hero power goes against you, is Font of Power.

  10. My favorite card was argus unmaker. It pushes control, value, discard warlock (with quest?) and im loving it.

  11. Sargeras’ hero power doesnt even need to stack the mana. A 10 mana wincon over 10 turns is more than fair tbh, considering u had to draw ur hero early enough for it to matter

  12. Sargeras, Dark Titan would be broken in wild. I personally do not care for wild. But I'd feel bad for the people who would have to live with this shit.
    Not only is there cards to refresh your hero power to pump it up faster. But also there is ways to cast it for cheaper or even for free.
    It's a thumbs down on that one. The Paladin deathknight you had the option to kill of his minions. With this, you can't do much against it. And if played in wild. You can just cheat the hell out of this card.

  13. I was thinking about sargeras. Maybe the hero power could heal equal to the mana cost. It fits a little bit with demon hunter’s lifesteal and makes it more reasonable to complete.

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