World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Orgrimmar

Here’s a List of the seperate District BGMs put together:

1. Intro
2. Zone 1
3. Zone 2
4. Moment 1
5. Moment 2


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33 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Soundtrack — Orgrimmar

  1. I remember going into a cave with a bunch of newbies as me and a huge ass Spider juz pop out out of nowhere we all ran and type in chat "omg wtf" vanilla wow good times

  2. God, this is nostalgic. I gave up on ever finding another MMO that gave me the same feeling of discovery and awe that vanilla WoW did.

  3. I always preferred Stormwind since it looks and feels like an actual city. But lately I've felt more at home in Org. Alliance has gotten boring lately.

  4. The first time I heard this music was when I was raiding orgrimmar as a 60 warlock. My first reaction was "HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE THIS MUSIC?????????"
    It was honestly intimidating from the stormwind /ironforge music I was used to

  5. When I hear the voices of the beginning I imagine Taurens and Orcs singing an old war theme together. Goosebumps

  6. This is the real Orgrimmar music.

    Cataclysm was/is an awesome expansion, but Blizzard should have kept the classic Orgrimmar and this classic Orgrimmar music.

  7. 이 음악이 참.. 오그리마에서 이 음악이 나오면 레이드에서의 역할,아이템파밍, 얼라와의 pvp, 몬스터와의 pve앵벌같은 생각들이 들어 서 언제나 긴장된다.

  8. Hearing this song after being in Zuldazar for a while fills me with the feeling of "Welcome Home."

  9. Best Horde city. Thunder Bluff seems better when you are low level. Things are a little closer.

  10. Sad blizzard joined with activision. Been downhill ever since. Starcraft 2 sucked, Diablo 3 caught heat. I don't mind them but they are as hell of the previous entries and WoW really changed and died out after WOTLK. Even Warcraft 3 reforged really turned out to suck based on promises last year.

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