XCOM Multiplayer #112: Low Density Is The Key

Floaters gonna float, ‘Zerkers gonna zerk, Sectoids gonna sect!

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16 thoughts on “XCOM Multiplayer #112: Low Density Is The Key

  1. It's been 26 episodes since I last appeared as a unit… Unsubscribe. Then, on a different note. You should make Shin a sectoid in one of your future episodes, he is a subscriber after all.

  2. interesting squad, dead-eye that is not in AA. But I must say that when I used one I always used a skeleton suit and laser sniper, but good to see someone who is not using the dead-eye to be a dick

  3. I'm not sure when I was last in one. Then again, I've also lost reliable internet and have not been able to watch every video for awhile.

  4. you can just push into the same direction that the cam is moving to on its own, it will fix it. 😉 hope my english is understandable. 😀

  5. please use the same squad again, it absolutely raped and id like to see it on other maps and possibly a trickier match to see how it fares

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