Yakushimitsu's Dragon Overload Shaman (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland deck)

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In this video, I take a look at Yakushimitsu’s Dragon Overload Shaman.

Deck code: AAECAaoIBu0F4AbAB8+lA7esA+S4Awz5A+EEsgasrQO2rQO7rQPtrQP5rgPnsAOBsQOHsQPbuAMA

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This video is from the era of Year of the Phoenix Standard format and Ashes of Outland expansion.

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18 thoughts on “Yakushimitsu's Dragon Overload Shaman (Hearthstone Ashes of Outland deck)

  1. That is indeed a very interesting deck and cant wait to try it👍!
    Love the shaaman class and i would love to see a deck that actually can compete the meta now someday!

  2. amazing deck idea!! i have been trying to make Spell Damage shaman or Burst Shaman work in Standard for a long time! i only managed to make Burst Shaman in Wild and it wasn't great.

    can't wait to craft Lady Vashj and try it out! thanks Old Guardian 🙂

  3. Hey, OG, I see Vessina isn't in this deck even though it has overload elements. Do you have any suggestions for using Vessina in a deck?

  4. Man, I’m loving all these deck guides! Your videos always get me excited to try something new in HS 😄

  5. Nice games, I still think shaman needs one more spell to be viable with a spell deck. Serpentine portal is an amazing card and a staple in all shaman decks now. But I still think we are one or 2 cards of this archetype being competitive.

  6. Hahahaha that's Hearthstone yes…. great videos my friend.. I hit diamond 4 today with aggro dh and continue for legend😁

  7. Such an interesting deck, seems challenging ty so much. Any suggestions on how we can replace Thalnos and Brightwing? 😀

  8. At 12:18, was it not worthwhile to use Lightning Breath simply to keep your Vashj alive on the board?

    Or was it statistically likely for them to have an answer for her in-hand anyway?

  9. I found this deck to have a poor curve and had challenges creating value. Even when I was able to keep the tempo for the first 3-4 turns, I'd run out of steam and get rolled, was well below 50% winrate. I made some changes and got the deck to 60% winrate over 10 games. Put in a lackey package to create value and early game plays, while also building additional chip damage. Doesn't hurt to find more burn damage either. Scorpions are there for more tempo, and give the deck some 4 drops that it was severely lacking. If you're interested here is my version. AAECAaoIBO0F4AbkuAPtvgMN+QO0kQPGmQP5pQOsrQO2rQO7rQPtrQPnsAOBsQOHsQPbuAPZvgMA

  10. Looks cool. Was looking for a use for the Vashj that i opened. Still sad that Aggro Overload Shaman died to a severe case of rotation but this one has like somewhat of an adjacent game plan. Not super powerful but who knows, get a good draw engine and a little more burn next expansion and this could be a nice off-meta deck or something

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