YSERA ISN’T JUST FOR MEMES ANYMORE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Memes still allowed, but Ysera can actually win with them!
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41 thoughts on “YSERA ISN’T JUST FOR MEMES ANYMORE! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Most of the people in that lobby were forcing dragons against a Ysera + Finley with Ysera hero power. No wonder they were so weak.

    Edit: Actually, everyone was forcing Dragons & DivineShield builds. Is this the new meta?

  2. Ysera IS for memes. He was carried by Cobalt the whole way. His board could have been ANYTHING prior to that.

  3. Red whelp is a disease of Battlegrounds atm. Random is part of the game but these are way too much

  4. Krip, it's weird how I've been knowing you for 6 years but you don't even know I exist.

  5. I found out it is also annoying when your whelp kill your opponents' minion like 3:04, they still attack first even you have more minions. Blizzard plz!

  6. Wow. That last game against deathwing. That was a long ass turn.

    Only can be topped by crazy deathrattle shenanigans from ghastcoiler/sneers baron type builds.

    But Jesus. Did not think you were going to win that with all those divine shield refreshes.

  7. Can you please answer this Q for me. On iPhone I noticed my battles are like fast forwarding is this new? I don’t get to see the animation no more they just die

  8. What about an average game where the top 2 are insane dragon highrolls with 40/40 minions on average and 4-6th are jugglers+double cobalts? Everything else? Straight to 7-8. We play different games perhaps

  9. I love drakonid enforcer. Divine shield builds are so fun and only kinda bullshit like everything else. My favorite build.

  10. @Kripparrian the 2-1 reborn divine shield dragon attacks again after coming back because the game calculated it as new minion.
    So there is now another minion between the old dragon and the next minion and so the attack order makes sense.

  11. So, they way the attack order goes is every minion is assigned an attack order from 1-X. The game starts on 1, then after an attack it moves to check the next number. When a minion dies, any tokens summoned as assigned the NEXT number after their parent (all of them get the same number, though they are then sort of "sub checked left to right"), and all minions further in the line get pushed back one number. This continues until it checks slot 8, which obviously can't have an attacker, and thus runs the script to loop.

    So if you are on attacker 3, and your harvest golem in slot 3 dies, the golem token gets assigned number 4, which is your next attack. If you are on attacker 6 and your harvest golem in slot 3 dies, the token is once again slot 4, which isn't next in the attack order.

  12. The reason this is the best game is because you get to build everything from the ground up ! RISE OF KINGDOMS ItS tHe grEaTeSt GAmE eVEr

  13. Yeah those cobalt guys that buff when a divine shield is lost especially when you get the 7/4 guy at tier 6 that gives all you dragons divine shield when it dies 🙂 when you said this is a 4th place build you literally could’ve went to sleep and got first place lol

  14. When you'll do a video about Sir Fin! I'm waiting for that, I think he could be a funny hero to play.
    Lot of support from Italy!

  15. Idk man I watch your videos and I'm just like, is this my life? Am I really gonna be a guy who watches Kripparrian and Trump videos? Am I really gonna be a hearthstone guy? I just don't think I can do it man, I'm out

  16. Designers note: We didn't want to make the whelp order random, but since this specifically screws Kripparian, we were forced to do it.

  17. Kripp: Ysera is not for memes anymore.
    Proceeds to just play Mechs and completely ignore the hero power for most of the game.

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