ABSURD DESIGNS & LEGENDARIES!! Coolest Expansion Design Yet? | Scholomance Review #12 | Hearthstone

A bunch of new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

Quick Reviews: 18:14

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #12


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47 thoughts on “ABSURD DESIGNS & LEGENDARIES!! Coolest Expansion Design Yet? | Scholomance Review #12 | Hearthstone

  1. Ok we get it Blizzard, Shaman has finally enough boarclears to enable Control archetype. Now how does he out-value or kill Galakrond Priest…?

  2. That mage spell looks Broken af in highlander mage, i would happily pay 4 mana to get a second Zephrys, a second, 1 cost reno, Alex, dqa, kalec, prime solarian, khartut, the new guy that deals 1 damage aoe every turn with the spell damage, a dragon caster, or even just mage maly, that card is so great basically always, it's 100% going into the highlander list

  3. WILD ONlY

    STEP 1: Have an empty deck
    STEP2: Play Educated Elekk
    STEP3: Play Time Warp
    STEP4: Play Potion of Illusion
    STEP5: Kill Elekk by enemy minion after that all other Eleks can be pinged down

    = INFINITE TURNS (kinda…you need to draw 2 a turn)

  4. the elekk is going to be in my randomage just for fun. Unless everyone starts running silence and poly, you'll at least get a couple of your spells and a removal from your opponent. In rogue you can go nuts and scheme it to have an infinite deck. Is it competitive, no, is it fun? YES

  5. You play Kalecgos, discover potion illusion you get kalecgos again along with your other minion. Also Malygos or maybe Lackey man the possibility

  6. Gidra has a fun interaction with spells that give it deathrattle resummon this minion. Its too bad that Shaman doesn't have "Summon a copy effects" for non-totems in standard.

  7. The way Argent Braggart is worded, by your example the minion gains +7/+7 rather than just copying the stats, although that very well could be how it works and the wording is just off. In theory if the wording is actually the way it works having brann would make that card a 16/16.

  8. Dude there's no way potion won't be played. Don't confuse the lack of potential of exodia of it not being 5 stars. It's one of those cheat mechanics we haven't really gotten in a long time so it's going to be very very powerful especially in mage

  9. Step 1:Gain a coin from licensed adventurer
    Step 2: when you are ready play antonidas, coin maiev to make antonidas dormant
    Step 3: when antonidas wakes up play double sorcerer's, potion of illusion, double 1/1 sorcerer's (and the extra antonidas if you wanna)
    Step 4: epic sax guy music plays

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