Scholomance Card Review Part 6 | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy

legendaries! so many


3 thoughts on “Scholomance Card Review Part 6 | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy

  1. ras frostwhisper is quit overpowered
    because not only it will clear your enemy board just by putting some spell damage minions . it will hit face too
    add to that all your minions that are in the board
    so let say you have +5 spell damage on the board thanks to your minions
    it will clear the board and your minions will focus on face
    or what even if you put 2 Kirin Tor Tricaster on board
    +6 spell damage + 9 minions attack
    all will hit face
    in other words your enemy will take 15 damage every turn and all enemy minions will take 6 every turn
    all that for 14 mana combo
    if you play one of these cards last turn you will manage to do that
    i will look for cheaper combo

  2. 3 more days and the streams with wolf among us are coming im so excited and btw you are awesome very good video

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