BEASTS Comp = EASY WINS?! | George the Fallen | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Auto Battler

Join Disguised Toast in another epic adventure. Filled with joy, suspense, intense battles and most of all, wholesome moments. Will Disguised Toast claim the victory once more with the help of George the Fallen? Find out, in this new episode of Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

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24 thoughts on “BEASTS Comp = EASY WINS?! | George the Fallen | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Auto Battler

  1. Beasts suck now…no other way to say it. I think maybe deathrattle beast with nefarian might have a chance…but even then…

  2. I think the weakness was in the overpowered deathrattle. An amalgam+poison could have dealed with annoying minions such as rover (and benefit from beasts buffs as well)

  3. shielding the savanah is the better play imo because this way even though she does not die as quick , she will last longer in the battlefield, get more value and still deploy her minions, unless the mama bear gets sniped, but the chance of that happening is the same with or without shielding savanah.

  4. "This is such a greedy play, don't ever do this"

    Dude… it was the only right move. Are you stumbling towards success or 'trying to teach them wrong, as a joke?'

    I've seen all I need to 😂🤦‍♂️

  5. Can u Just Say that Facebook is Paying u evry month to stream on their platform and u will never come back to number from twitch cuz PPL hate streams on fb and mostly of them Just find another streamer on twitch

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