Hearthstone Battlegrounds Dragons Update

We’re adding Dragons as a new minion type to Battlegrounds! Galakrond and Reno Jackson, who recently spread his scaly wings for the first time as the mighty Renogos in Galakrond’s Awakening, will join the five original Dragon Aspects as new Heroes! 18 new minions will be added alongside them, 12 of which will be the new Dragon minion type. All but two of these minions are new to Hearthstone altogether, exclusive to Battlegrounds!

Check out the 16.4 Patch Notes for full details: https://playhearthstone.com/blog/23312587?

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50 thoughts on “Hearthstone Battlegrounds Dragons Update

  1. Now's a good time to climb some ratings. Just play anything other than dragons and you get the minion pool all to yourself as everybody else will be going dragons. 😀

  2. BG is so much fun, love that they are not letting it die. blizzard starting to make good decisions???

  3. I dont get it, ive qued up for 4 battlegrounds now and havent seen a dragon…

  4. Holy… now that's a sizeable upgrade. But adding so many heroes while keeping certain subpar ones (hello Millhouses, Patches, Raggy) in the rotation is very odd; and still letting us only pick from 3 at the start (why not 4 or more? The tech is there for discover and mulligan).

    The removal of certain minions also seems arbitrary at best (Piloted Golem but not Shredder, all 3 divine shield mechs, even stuff like Raptor; or Boogey that at least Tirion might miss), while others are a good riddance. Some of the mechs gone especially hurts heroes like Togwaggle and already weak Mrs. Millhouse.
    Perhaps lots of new minions to compensate, although some feel wonky. And 7 of them are from the very high tiers, which won't be that simple to reach if the meta remains this aggressive, and most people won't ever get to play with them in any given match (bar lucky Zerus).

    Finally, didn't think I would ever say this (mainly playing from mobile et al. with battlegrounds always being a pain), but the animation durations might have been shortened a tad too much. Sometimes you can't even tell what the jugglers or kabooms hit. Makes you wonder if 0.3 or 0.4 s wouldn't have felt smoother for most things, while effects like poison and lifesteal could remain at 0.2s or be completely disabled for all I care.

  5. I saw glyph guardian thought hey cool maybe more frozen synergies with sindragosa because when it was in rastakhan's rumble it's text says gain spell damage everytime a minion is frozen, but nope it's basically a scaled nightmare doubles its attack whenever it attacks.

  6. There is a problem with the game. Its connection is very weak to the players. We suffer from it. Does this happen to you? Give me a solution. Thank you

  7. This update makes mobile litterly unplayable, the game will always crash on the title screen, nothing fixes it

  8. Please tell me by the name of galakrond that battlegrounds now actually have rank rewards

  9. Good job putting a bug in game slow down and can't play a card after a couple of games I'm on a mobile device

  10. Luna's pocket Galaxy skydiving instructor academic espionage skulking geist jepetto joybuzz conjurer's calling hearthstone explain the interactions to me

  11. I have hearthstone on my mobile device and ever since this update drop. I cant get pass the loading screen. Wtf why cant i play ?? Hello?? Blizzard hello?

  12. Remember mech format? Remember Murloc format? Yeah, we can just roll back the game to those formats and get rid of all of these dragons and new champs with this update. I didn't think you could make the game more high roll RNG dependent, but by god you did…

  13. Any update for Android users who can't even play because of the last update? It seems to be tied to the log in

  14. i think of a new basic mode will attract new players greatly, first all players in this mode can only use basic cards regardless of how many years of hs games they played,and it is a ladder setting too, separate from the wild and standard all in mode. Now the rewards.on this mode will be the same as other modes EXCEPT you can only get 9 golds out of each 3 wins but you get 3 golds immediately after a win. ALSO MAKE A REAL tournament mode like ppl mentioned it before, just mimck the real life tournaments of any sort, only qualified players can enter etc.

  15. Hearthstone is dying I love this game I jus hope they announce something soon cause I'm getting bored.

  16. just a thought for you hearthstone about the new expansions coming i dont know what you have planned but i was thinking about the new world of warcraft expansion coming out (Shadowlands) and thought that it would be awesome if hearthstone could use a bit of that expansion like return of the frozen throne where bolvar is the litch king instead of arthus because in my opinion i thought the frozen throne was one of the best expansion especially the death knight heroes but just a thought hey mabye there could be a reference "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" but just a thought and mabye even paladin gets a second hero, i mean come on they neeed thisss and this would be the perfect opportunity BOLVAR THE LITCH KING

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