CAP EUDORA IS NOW #1! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The strongest and most consistent Hero in the game is… exactly who you thought it would be!
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32 thoughts on “CAP EUDORA IS NOW #1! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. What if the hero power was changed to: Dig and when you get treasure it’s of the tavern level you’re on now. For those of you thinking that would be way too op, I think it kinda isn’t too bad when you consider what tavern you’ll be at during each treasure discovery but idk

  2. You know what should be nerfed murlocs. Had this awesome dragon build that got destroyed by divine shield, poison murlocs. No other clan can you upgrade so much and so easily.

  3. The game would be better if they'd buff weak and unpopular heroes instead of buffing stronger heroes. There are a few heroes that no one wants to play at all because either because they're just bad or not fun to play at all.

  4. Nerf suggestion: what if each dig takes more turns than the one before? First dig 4 digs, second dig 5 digs, third dig 6 digs? Makes it so the early to mid game potential stays the same, but getting a third dig is already a stretch, and the second costs ya.

  5. It's still all RNG. I digged 3 golden. First time at 3 star I got a 1 star golden cat. 2nd time at 4 stars I got a 2stars crap cause I was on murloc and it gave me the +1+1 pirate. and 3rd time at 5 star I got a 3 stars crowd fav and I finished 6th. And u tell me this is the number 1 hero?

  6. Did they buff eudora? I swear she could only get goldens of your tavern tier or lower but I played a match today where a eudora at tavern 4 had a golden goldrin.

  7. if eudora is nerfed the character is dead. Its bad enough that there are times you are getting anihilated in the first turns by all the early heroes which you CANT win (yogg,millhouse,kaelthas) only to discover a golden mecharoo into something irrrlevant and proceed to be destroyed. I know there are times you can get super rolls like soul juggler or toggwagle or cannon which will carry you automatically to top 4 but this doesnt happen all the time (rarely surely). Hooktusk was consistent with the amazing early boards and plenty triples to discover strong results and carry her to the late game.

  8. I've only gotten to play this hero once and I got a golden Replicating Menace and a golden Annoy-o-Module and didn't roll a single Goldgrubber. I think it was my most unlucky game ever

  9. would amping up the health of the heros by 10 lengthen the games again? 🤔 feels like such a shame that they are faster — makes less cool high stat builds appear

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