Early Scholomance Academy Card Review Part #2 (Hearthstone)

Hey guys! This is part 2 of the early card review. Full detailed review will be after all the cards are revealed! So far I am giga hyped for the new upcoming expansion and I think this is what the game has been lacking. Enjoy the video and good luck on ladder!

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7 thoughts on “Early Scholomance Academy Card Review Part #2 (Hearthstone)

  1. last time I was this early I didn't have a good 'last time I was this early' joke
    edit: I still don't

  2. I think the videos are kinda boring. Not because ue content is bad– i really like ur content, but u needto straighten up ur content. Think before what ur gonna say to every card for example. U dont need to read the cards, obly explain if theres something to explain. I think if u take those tips a lot of people will watch ur videos bc ur saying smart things and have good insight!

  3. I like combustion it seems super cool, don't know If I should do a card review myself, subbed!

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