Firebat Sells Whole Board Each Turn for Megasaur...WHERE IS IT?!?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

How many triples does it take to get a megasaur?
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34 thoughts on “Firebat Sells Whole Board Each Turn for Megasaur…WHERE IS IT?!?! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. "The game really won't let me be murlocs" He says whilst destroying everyone with murlocs.

  2. Maybe the real Gentle Megasaur were the friends and golden minions we made along the way

  3. Surprised himself at the end and it led to a great human moment =)

  4. If he had just kept his original murlocs instead of selling them off for three turns in a row, they would have been massive.

  5. It feels weird watching this now after I half attention watched the stream while doing something else

  6. had a few position 1 with galakrond , but only at rank 4500 (>O.O)>
    and lucky random higher tier cards with early shifter zerusus and or tier 2 freeze and hero power to tier 6

  7. If a lobby has no murlocs then will there be no gentle megasaur even though it is a beast. Not applicable to this video but I am wondering.

  8. Poisons the 2/2 hes 100% selling over the big buff murloc hes kept all game… love ya forever! Never change!

  9. You were massively favored but still that last fight went down in the most gruesome possible way

  10. Im not a fan of Deathwing. Ik he’s good, but ig I havent gotten used to playing with him enough, and whenever I do I dont get very lucky when it comes to tokens, so it’s safer imo to go with millhouse.

  11. In all honesty, this is further evidence to me that Megasaur should be removed — if it's the right play to sell over half your board every turn to try to get one, it's against the spirit of the game it feels to me, which seems to want to be about making big, cool minions, not hard rolling for poison/divine shields.

    Don't get me wrong I recognize that the Golden Brann made all this possible, especially with murlocs having sooo many battlecries compared to other tribes, but Brann is useful to build big boards too, not just set up Megasaur. The fact that people only use it for Megasaur shows how much that card warps the game.

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