FIRST Demon Hunter OTK! Illidan is HERE! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Standard Demon Hunter OTK combo deck is to use Kael’thas Sunstrider combined with Inner Demon and Twin Slice! We do this by equipping a Doomhammer and then playing Sunstrider, Twin Slice, Inner Demon, Chaos Strike, Hero Power! 30 Damage! Fun meme deck! Good luck!

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26 thoughts on “FIRST Demon Hunter OTK! Illidan is HERE! | Hearthstone

  1. Beautiful idea. I love it when you get a (relatively) simple way of getting a different class card which would be totally broken in theclass you are playing and thereby "cheating" the game structure. Really nice combo!

  2. Great combo and you didn't even need Kael this time 😛 Actually if you played Captain Greenskin prior to the combo turn you wouldn't need Kael at all since you wouldn't need to hero power.

  3. When you activated your ‘+1 attack’ hero power with doom hammer, I suspect it got his attention.

  4. Hey Mark, remember that Grizzled Wizard will refresh BOTH players’ Hero Powers, so 2 wizards lets you hero power twice in a turn. Maybe use this with a Metamorphosis OTK?

  5. Hey Mark, have you heard of the lovely card Leatherclad Hogleader? If so I have 3 words for you, Charging Shudderwock OTK. Can be accomplished by using Quest, Mukla, and Bootie Bay Bookie, which will give him 4 bananas plus 2 coins, that way you can charge even if he has an empty hand. With the classic Doppelgangster, Grumble package, and perhaps the Shieldbreaker tech for maximum face.

  6. Thank you, Mark! My own Zeph DH was atrociously bad :). Played a bit with your deck — 8 wins of 9 for now. Although I'm rarely aiming for Kael' combo. I swapped Gnomish Inventor for Wrathscale Naga — she helped a lot against Taunt Warrior and Res Priest.

  7. I did this right when the game started without the zephryis though this is an awesome setup but it’s difficult getting sun strider

  8. I discover this Doomhammer with Demon Hunter today totally by accident. Wasn't OTK but was certain victory even with other hero damage cards in the DH Highlander deck.

  9. Possible 2TK Combo for you: Druid, 1st turn Bonechewer Vanguard, 2nd turn 2 time BEEEES!!! on the Vanguard, Zephrys, Windfury

  10. I was just thinking about Zephrys-ing the Doomhammer into a Demon Hunter OTK this morning, booted up my PC and saw you already beat me to it yesterday. galaxybrain

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