(Hearthstone) Best Deck to Climb the New Rank System | Aggro Dragon Hunter | Descent of Dragons

Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons. is the newest expansion and I am currently playing as Aggro Dragon Hunter. I, elementalcore100, am going to be playing Hearthstone games and talk probably too much trying to both entertain people and teach them how to play Hearthstone. I am not the best player by any means this really just started cause I told a friend that anyone could get to rank 5 or higher with a cheap deck with some time and some general knowledge on the game. I enjoy helping people learn what decks they want to play through gameplay, guides, and spotlights so I hope you all enjoy. I am a multiseason legend player so I at least know my stuff a decent amount.

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25 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Best Deck to Climb the New Rank System | Aggro Dragon Hunter | Descent of Dragons

  1. Would be great if people stopped playing this deck. The amount of hunters is getting stupid. IT DOESN'T WORK AFTER RANK 5!

  2. Yesterday, Platinum 10 on my first night this season!!! And i only managed to get to rank 7 last season…always proud to compete with legendary players

  3. Hmmm- no explosive traps… How to clean a table, when opponent is controling a lot of small minions?

  4. was playing Pure Paladin till platinum five. Got stuck a bit gave this a try. I'm 6-0 and diamond 10 now 🙂

  5. I'm playing dragon hunter with small pirate package 6 pirates removed secret package.. Curent diamond 3. I I feel this deck has a lot variations to play.. And I like it when I get bored of same stamle deck

  6. Someone can suggest me a good repleacement for the legendary? I don't want to spend dust in this moment

  7. i hit diamond 3 yesterday with highlander rogue ,with my current list i have 43 — 29 on diamond 1

  8. Can I get away with dropping the Worgens for x2 Explosive Traps? Great content btw — subscribed!

  9. @Elementalcore 100 plz tell me bro, what should I replace instead of Frenzied Feywing? (cos i don't have that card). What will be better- Animal companion or 2nd weapon (Eaglehorn Bow) or smthng else? How do you think? I hope, that your experience will be helpful 😀

  10. Storm hammer carries this deck. I made a super heal anti aggro priest. And I still lose, my opponents average about 6 swings. So broken.

  11. Yo nice video man, do you think the deck you`re running is the or did you teched it for some classes ? (curious about toxic bc I also thought of this but on hsreplay no one runs this)

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