(Hearthstone) LEGENDARY Card Reveal: Disciplinarian Gandling

Kibler reveals a new LEGENDARY Warlock and Priest card from the upcoming Scholomance Academy Hearthstone set — Disciplinarian Gandling.


29 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) LEGENDARY Card Reveal: Disciplinarian Gandling

  1. "Defense against the Demon Hunter Arts" is a must-have course. Sign me up! Amazing video.

  2. I'm kinda torn on whether I think this card is good or nah. This seems like a good card to drop on T4, not t7 when more board wipes are available to your opponent.

  3. Year of The Dragon: Half of the streamers are good, the other half are evil

    Year of The Pheonix: Yeah everyone is evil now

  4. wow creative design. legendary minion that creates way too many stats and tempo for its cost. like brann, or dragonqueen, or any other good card of the last 6 expacs. so cool blizzard.
    EDIT: funny video though Kibler

  5. Well.. zoo may have just come back! Wooo! And galakronx priest just got even better.. i like this!

  6. I have been gone from Hs for two years and now Kibler looks like a wizard wtf happened?

  7. You are amazing and your videos brighten my day!
    And never get rid of the beard 😀
    Thank you for everything!

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