Hearthstone Mythbusters 96 - ASHES OF OUTLAND SPECIAL

Hearthstone Mythbusters 96!

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If you have any myths you want tested please suggest them in the comments!

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37 thoughts on “Hearthstone Mythbusters 96 — ASHES OF OUTLAND SPECIAL

  1. seems weird to have a cap on a battle to the death minion, or at least so low, i mean >30 health isn't that unimaginable

  2. First myth:the reason for exactly 30 attacks is cause by default the biggest HS minions have 30/30 stats

  3. Myth: after awakening from being put dormant by maiev, a taunt minion buffed with the taunt lackey won't have taunt.

    Had this happen once on a shield of galakrond, does it happen on other taunt minions too?

  4. Myth : If the Amazing Reno hero power casts Skull of guldan it draws 4 instead of 3 and it reduces them . It happened to me twice !!

  5. 2:40 Does awaking from Mayev effect cause every minion with dormant efect to trigger again? Such as Antaen from DH?

  6. Fun combo ! :

    Remplir le board de serviteurs AVEC quelques sporelin infectieux,
    Puis jouer la carte du guerrier qui empêche les serviteurs de tomber en dessous de 1PV,
    Puis jouer le Deathwing du guerrier à 8 mana,

    Le Deathwing va toucher un sporelin infectieux, se transformer en sporelin infectieux mais va continuer de taper les serviteurs et tous les transformer ! J'ai testé !

  7. MYTH: Lady Liadrin will add a copy of 'twin slice', the spell of Demon hunter.

  8. Ok so something weird's just happened to me. I was playing secret rogue, had a 3 mana on the board with the bamboozled secret. The Chaman i was playing against traded the 4/8 lifesteal wind fury in it. My 3 mana card changed into a dormant Anteen, the DH card, and the 4/8 got 10 damages, the Chaman did not get any heal. He conceaded afterwards, of course…

  9. Myths:
    1. Flik shyshiv can destroy dormant minions.
    2.Flik skyshiv can destroy herself

  10. Myth: Attacking a minion with attack while having 1 durability in bulwark will cause damage.

  11. Wait, does it count as a Mage victory if you finish Lich King with Demon hunter? That's the only one I haven't gotten yet

  12. One day I realized that Demon Hunter is not a hunter of demons, but a demon/hunter

  13. Myth: With Archmage Vargoth on board if you cast new legendary spell Evocation, first cards will be discarded but not the ones created by his end of turn effect.

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