Hearthstone - Scholomance Academy Priest Gameplay

Scholomance academy priest — frazzled freshman buff archetype?

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ES_Wild Slide — Jules Gaia
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32 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Scholomance Academy Priest Gameplay

  1. I play the 1/4 for 1 mana, which deals damage to my hero equal to the damage this minion takes, in my pain warlock and it feels pretty underwhelming.
    The 1 mana 2/2 is just enough to contest it and I can't really deal face damage unlike the 2/2.
    I thought it would be a op card, but it wasn't,which makes me a bit skeptical about the priest 1 drop.

  2. 2015 — Reno jekson
    2016 — Jades
    2017 — Dark priest ( From Knights of the Frozen Throne) (also 4 mana 77)
    2018 — Cubelock
    2019 — alexstrasza and zephrys the GREAT
    2020 — 1 mana 14

  3. That is good and all but why "Power word: Tentacles" have the exact same effect of "Power infusion" but power infusion cost 1 Mana less?
    Blizzard explain yourself

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