[Hearthstone] The New Worst Arena Deck Ever

Review & gameplay of the very worst rated deck I have ever played in Arena.
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37 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The New Worst Arena Deck Ever

  1. 10:52 You think so?! Well at least you could have picked Anyfin when you had the chance with the Ivory Knight

  2. Noob question here probs, I've played Hearthstone using a semi control Priest deck and basic Jaina but haven't played in ages and forgot my details but anyway on to the question. What do you mean by point decks?

  3. Goes from crying lil bitch to biggest shit talker in a matter of a few minutes. What a douche. lol!

  4. That's about my average arena deck. I do wonder if they stack the deck for streamers since they help the popularity of the game.

  5. I drafted a 58,1 Deck in July 2015… It was Priest, of course… One 4 drop… 3 wins

  6. Kripp's worst deck plays out with Tirion and 2 other legendaries. My best deck runs magma rager as the key card.

  7. 20:34 Wtf. Out of all the 58 games I have played so far on arena (since downloading HearthArena app) I have never gotten above 68 points. Still I average almost 6 wins per run, and got 12 wins 3 times.

  8. Ok, he drafts a legendary and his choices are the three worst legends in the game.

    That is magically terrible.

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