(Hearthstone) This Guy's Shadow Priest Deck Is Sweet!

Kibler’s wife’s guess at the Shadow Priest’s decklist is at the end (off by a few cards, missing second Shadowform).
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Music: 1812 Overture by Tchaikosvky


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24 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) This Guy's Shadow Priest Deck Is Sweet!

  1. I once found a Shudderwock Shaman with Keleseth and Star Aligner. This is because Keleseth makes Shudderwock a 7/7.

  2. I often come back to this video just because this deck looks cool, I wish I could play a deck like that one day, shadow priest seems quite fun

  3. It's been 3 years today and I still love going back to watch this match, one of my absolute favorites!

  4. Just coming back and watching that masterpiece of a deck is stunning. I miss shadowform priest so much, hope it becomes viable at some point in the future.

  5. This is a look into what some warrior decks would become in 2019.

  6. thanks youtube's algorithm for recommending this video to me after 3 years! 🙂

  7. Shadowform is one of the coolest cards ever. Wish I had the supporting tools to make it semi viable.

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