Is This Millhouse's Best Strategy? | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

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20 thoughts on “Is This Millhouse's Best Strategy? | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

  1. 5:35 not gonna lie, i thought the yo ho needs to take damage to attack back immediately, i saw it take the shield hit and punch back and was like wtf

  2. Savjz is an inspiration, I hope one day me and my thick accent are half as good at streaming/videos as him

  3. Oliech is indeed a french streamer! He makes great educational content.
    He made a video about this game vs you in fact, highlighting how it's a good move to emote and level with your opponents.

  4. I feel for that murloc player. I played a murloc comp today: golden brann, it lasted for 16 turns, I didn't see a single megasaur. I lost to a pirate comp with 100/100 salty looter, 100/100 gold grubber, 50/50 golden 6-drop and another one and golden boat. My shieldless, almost poison-free 70/70 murlocs didn't stand a chance.

  5. Savjz. Is it not better to use all the battlecries and sell them back into the pool before rolling as opposed to rolling while holding 3 and one on the board? They will always always be used and sold.

  6. I played this mod maybe four times. A few times because of quests and once yesterday because I was curious as to whether the experience on mobile got smoother. Immediately lost my first game (too slow, don't know any cards) then I got millhouse. Bought whatever creature I could without any rolling, got a level up discount from some creature, then went all the way to level 6 with that. Before I knew, I had two amalgams battering opponents and it gave me first place 3600 + 200 points. I guess it is a pretty great rookie hero.

  7. 1:07 He would have clearly won that fight if he bought the Murlocs and having 5 Gold without tokens wasn't ideal the turn after :O You said you'd go for a perfect game, that was a lie! 😀

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