It Feels Really Dirty Playing This Deck (But I Love It!!)

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Deckcode: EZ wins Priest — AAECAa0GCNwB65sDha0DjrED47QDr7oDyL4DyMADCx7JBtMKmakD16wD2qwD8qwD/q4Dza8Dk7oDm7oDAA==

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The BEST COMBOS Are Always The Unintentional Ones!


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23 thoughts on “It Feels Really Dirty Playing This Deck (But I Love It!!)

  1. Same story as the guy at 0:16
    Made it to Legend with your Highlander Hunter Last season in only 3 days of climbing (never got past 10 before so it was a big deal for me)
    Would have never been able to do it without that kind of deck and learning from watching your videos and attitude and mindset thanks so much Thijs <3

  2. If you have a good deck you lose to your own deck. "I think Shaman and Paladin is a counter to Priest" :')

  3. I don't have soul mirror and murozond, what's better to craft? Can't decide it my self

  4. 5:06 Don't worry Thijs. Only worthy WoW expansions were the first two, anyway. It all went downhill after WoTLK. You aint missing much.

  5. Don't need to win with playing Priest, the win goal of the priest is to make enemy feel dirty

  6. I lul at these thijs video titles that have a porn vibe to them

  7. Priest is probably one of the more “selfish” classes. Fun for you, horrendously boring/frustrating for your opponent. Starting to really dislike it cause of that tbh.

  8. i don't care if I get owned by a demon hunter or a rogue or a worrior or a mage but when I get a priest opponent FeelsBadMan every time regardless of the outcome of the games

  9. Question for the community: Am I the only one literally shouting "Stop being so cute, Thijs" at my screen on at least every other video? No? Just me?

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