Make Warrior's TERRIBLE WIN RATE Great Again! - Galakrond Warrior | Standard | Hearthstone

Warrior has a 42% win rate and I am here to fix this situation!

Deck Code: AAECAQcC47QDxcADDhydApAD9KcD3KkD2K0D2q0D/q4Dqq8D0q8DpLYDq7YDvLkDnLsDAA==


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♬ Kevin MacLeod
♬ Ronald Jenkees


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29 thoughts on “Make Warrior's TERRIBLE WIN RATE Great Again! — Galakrond Warrior | Standard | Hearthstone

  1. That was the saddest victory I've ever seen for a while haha, never change Trump!

  2. 14:42 I imagine his opponent saying "this card is so good we're gonna run 2 of it, in HIGHLANDER, welcome to Trump laboratories"

  3. From king in the boomsday expansion to the worst class right now, my poor warrior what did they do to you?!

  4. I hope they nerf zephyrs to say the following: if your deck had 1 of copies when you started the game discover the perfect card, because is just ridiculous how players put a copy of him even when not singleton decks. Also cards like this are bad for the game.

  5. Man I miss RoS rogue Shark, when it actually took skill to draw half your deck and make them 0. Now galakrond plebs do it every other game and think it's so skillful and cool. Nah shuffle 10 toggwaggles into your deck and chain them off of one wondours wand and then we will talk about skills and cool.

  6. Kinda weird that Trump tries so hard to differentiate himself from Donald, but then you see a thumbnail like this.

  7. Wow that hat in the thumbnail is so controversial… Warrior does not need to be great AGAIN.. it currently is great xD

  8. Wouldn't Maiev actually be better than 2 turn freeze? Wouldn't it almost be like 3 turn because if the minion doesn't have rush then they would need to wait a turn to attack, because the summoning sickness would kick in, right?

  9. I can't believe they didn't give Warrior more value control cards while classes such as Priest and Rogue are overloaded on value at the moment… FeelsBadMan

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