MAX STATS MILLHOUSE STRATEGY - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Strategy? Nope! Stats? YUP!
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28 thoughts on “MAX STATS MILLHOUSE STRATEGY — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. 0:11
    I like how Kripp keeps calling him "the dude Millhouse", despite there being only ONE Millhouse.

  2. sometimes lucky! i hope to see a professor putricide run soon now that he’s been buffed!

  3. Man you re so creative when playing battlegrounds, I m so impressed , I guess you re crushing all strategy/cards games!

  4. Would it be op if minions cost 2 gold but he only got more gold on even turns?
    So so if he reaches 10 mana he would be real good but reaching 10 is difficult,it also makes more sense with the character

  5. I mean, really the strat here is get lucky by getting 2 battlemasters and low health, and subsequently ways to taunt and buff both of them constantly thrown at your face. Otherwise this would have fizzled real early on in the running.

  6. What a HS plebeian learned from this: to win with Millhouse, lose a lot and then pull two Battlemasters out of your ass.
    What a HS elite learned from this: to win with Millhouse, use his ability to buy stuff cheap to get a bunch of random trash triples to fish for good minions.

  7. With 10 gold you can roll 2 times and still buy 3 minions with Millhouse. This is far better than any other Hero.

  8. Wait! So your telling me the secret to winning in Battlegrounds is stats? I would never known stats was important in Battlegrounds. Thanks for the info. Explains why I can never win. I keep buying and keeping 1/1 alley cats. I will start buffing them now.

  9. You should make a Tier list with the Heroes to actually know which of them are, in your opinion, into the 10th best heroes of Battlegrounds.

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