MOST OP CARD IN HS EVER!? - Scholomance Academy Review #5 | Hearthstone

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34 thoughts on “MOST OP CARD IN HS EVER!? — Scholomance Academy Review #5 | Hearthstone

  1. ah yes gift of luminance, because the only way to make khartut defender more annoying is so you have to attack into it at least three times, with a 1/1 you also have to attack thrice

  2. someone will actually play dualclass cards in priest? The best one for this class so far is Gift of Luminance and this is not that insane

  3. Isn't Tenured almost a guaranteed 2 for one?
    1- He comes down, kills something
    2- Has 9 health left
    3a- Since you killed your oponents best minion, he needs to use a spell to kill it
    3b- He doesn't kill it, so Tenured is left to kill another thing or hit face for 3
    Repeat 2 and 3, but with 6 hp then 3 hp

  4. Imagine if someone showed hearthstone players this set during the Witchwood days. I don't think anybody would've believed half these cards existing in the future

  5. Maybe Im stupid or ignorant or both, but I don't see Secret Passage being that super mega op

  6. Wait, you think Giggling was too strong because it provided too many stats?!

    That's plain wrong, because it didn't provide many stats at all — 9 stats for 5 mana is actually behind vanilla stats. It was strong because it forced your opponent to attack 4 times to break through, making it some of the best stalling the game has ever seen.

  7. I’m.. actually kinda excited for this expansion. I’ve only been a priest player, but my favorite iteration of Priest was mid range dragon priest and/or control priest/Raza priest.
    Interestingly: this time I’m excited about a midrange/tempo rogue. I liked midrange priest because it wasn’t always as blatant as playing overstat-ed minions on a curve without any thought process. Sometimes you’d get a bonus from not playing on a curve if you maybes threw out a heal or a buff or maybe you don’t want to play you 4 mana 3/6 taunt dragon to hold your dragon for another card that needs a dragon.
    I think Secret Passage and Jandice both add interesting thought processes for a tempo rogue. I’m hype! Maybe tempo priest will come back as well, but I’m looking forward to seeing all of the cards to this set and even going back to look at older sets I’ve missed.

  8. Powercreep University, Week-One Nerf Middle School; Cocaine Clown Fiesta Design College. These are better names for this expansion.

  9. 6:26 Savage Trumpo, but honest. Why would you play Control Shaman or Control DH when Control Priest with Galakrond always out values you… 🙁

  10. Me: Why not give such an OP card to a weak class? Blizzard: Because we don't want to make the game better!
    Me: Aaaaaah! Makes sense

  11. Blizzard isn't as stupid as everyone thinks it is; the HS devs are raising the power level of the cards printed in every expansion, so that you, the player, HAVE to buy more card packs, or else you're not gonna win any games. HS is now pretty much P2W now.

  12. Custom cards exist
    Trump: Terrible design, way too over powered, would NEVER be printed
    Real Hearthstone cards:

  13. Keymaster alabaster also gives you insight on what card your opponent has drawn though as well.

  14. Split Opinion: Is Demon Hunterstone or Roguestone back?

    Real talk, loved the inclusion of Scrum Debate

  15. The same ppl complaing about the cards being too OP (custom cards lvl) are the same who would call them boring otherwise. Ah the good old Internet…

  16. Really looks like I won't be buying the adventure, the expansion seems like a joke even through the naming conventions to the power swings even though they are dual class as you've pointed out not of them are only suited to 1 class anyway

  17. Can't wait to see how the power creep is just a marketing trick to get more preorders before the first week nerfs

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