MY FIRST CARD REVEAL!! Guardian Augmerchant | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

It’s my very first card reveal! The newest card coming in Ashes of Outland is Guardian Augmerchant! Neutral Common, but is he OP?!

#CardReveal #AshesOfOutland
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41 thoughts on “MY FIRST CARD REVEAL!! Guardian Augmerchant | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Now, about the card. Pretty much the weirdest simple design ever. Pretty cool, and one of those cards with the sleeper potencial to break some metas.

  2. Amazing card reveal! Best and funniest reveal i have ever seen! and that ending! legendary! Thanks for work and edit to everyone who participated and worked on it! Love the card too!

  3. I don't comment very often, but Your video and Firebat's video was really cool. Thank you for the Reveal. 😀

  4. Your pupper is amazing I'm dying from cuteness overload x.x very unique and interesting card!

  5. The card is very intersting, but the reveal is awesome. I love this video ! Great job !

  6. I’m pretty sure I even grew that hair from watching the video. Now I have to go get a hair cut

  7. This card would've been the nuts in zoolock during RoS. Maybe even in Galakrond zoolock. I won't be surprised if this card finds a place somewhere eventually if it doesn't this expansion.

  8. who ever made up this script is really bad at what he/she is doing… 100% cringe. the joke went down hill before it even triggert in any way

  9. Yay Slysssa, Congratulations!

    Cameos and everything, the cringe is strong with you too!

  10. This card is nuts in warrior. Great point about blood knight I wouldn't have thought of it

  11. Imma say pretty funny 😄. Especially Regis who has this hairstyle normally. Altho then I was just like all this for a common? Meh. But yeah it's actually possibly very good common sooo we shall see. It was hillarious however 😄

  12. "…in a Warrior meta, which I think we could be having." Annnnd two weeks later, global Warrior winrate: 43%
    The pain is real.

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