NEW MENAGERIE = TOP BUILD?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Amalgadon leads the way into the new all powerful Menagerie build!
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32 thoughts on “NEW MENAGERIE = TOP BUILD?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. With the ammount of tidehunters you skipped while having a triple brann, pretty sure forcing murlocs would have been the right choice, and this time you chose not to

  2. What, you play Murlocs enough to know that the version of them that could've won against you doesn't happen on Turn 15.
    Galactic Murlocs don't happen on Turn 15, they can happen way sooner as seen in many of your videos lmao.

  3. "Oh look we have a great new Menagerie card"
    3 days later …. everyone just plays Murlocs with Amalgadon

  4. If Amalgadon has every type, shouldn't it be missing in every game because of the type ban…? =/

  5. Kripp: " I think the right play is to go…"

    Me: DONT SAY IT!

    Kripp: …Murlocs

    Me: NOOO!!!!!!

  6. Please note that in 3 out of 4 of kripps last videos he got a triple brann and in all 4 he got at least two branns

    So if your ever wondering why you can’t find a brann now you know why

  7. He missed so many foe reapers and mech buffs, his mech cleave could have been three times bigger than that hydra

  8. Gotta buy those +1+1 demon buffers. Mega worth. 1 gold for +18 total in stats.

  9. To solve the murloc problem would we not have a 5 star card that can silence 2 enemy minions. The golden could silence 3

  10. C'mon Kripp, you started tripling minions at like turn two and didn't stop. It wasn't the build it was rolling the nuts.

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