ONLY GOLDEN MURLOCS - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — This just might be the greatest Murloc run of all time! Kripp’s Hearthstone Stream ⭐ Subscribe …


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37 thoughts on “ONLY GOLDEN MURLOCS — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Today i realised that he has been telling me he will see me tomorrow, every day for years but that day has not come yet.
    Can we trust this guy?

  2. I recall hearing a golden and regular pair of Brann's or Rivendare's will have their effects stack because one "Doubles" & one "Triples" making them two separate effects going off. With this in mind did he miss out on more murlocs from Primal &/or a few more Megasaur adapts had he hero powered first?

  3. I managed to go galactic with murlocs with triple brann on first day of the expansion with the new murloc hero — first time I’ve done it too!

  4. Curator went from being lucky to get a tie, to the next fight against Kripp being -23 hp. Jesus christ that variance happened quickly lol.

  5. After 29 health, this is the most dominant run I have EVER seen!

  6. Caso algum brasileiro veja esse comentario tenho uma noticia pra vc; tem interesse em jogar HS no cell com melhor desenpenho e com menos lags e travamentos ? Estou criando um novo grupo de HS para ajudar a comunicar a blizzard esses erros alem disso o grupo tera mts interaçoes chat ativo com ajuda em missoes de gold cvs sobre HS possiveis ideias para ser reportadas e etc. n percam a chance de levar o HS brasileiro a outro nivel so entrem no meu canal o video vai estar mostrando como participar

  7. That actually made me uncomfortable while watching it. This level of high rolling should be illegal, you're at risk of oxygen deprivation up there!

  8. This was literally the most disgusting battlegrounds game I have ever witnessed. Just came here to comment on that one

  9. what i learned from this video is… get token murloc, get 2/3 buffer murloc and another token murloc to make a triple = win

  10. The board could definitely have grown more if the game lasted longer, but this was probably the highest concentration of murder I've seen in a battlegrounds game.

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