OP New Zoo Legendary | Card Review (Part 2) | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

Scholomance Zoo is the nuts?

Part 1: https://youtu.be/FT_CdeZeCDo
Part 3: https://youtu.be/PXFZTjm2KDY


00:00 Combustion
02:17 Headmaster Kel’Thuzad
05:26 Steeldancer
09:23 Infiltrator Lilian
11:55 Cycle of Hatred
13:41 Brittlebone Destroyer
20:34 Boneweb Egg
23:06 Disciplinarian Gandling
25:59 Flesh Giant
29:55 Cabal Acolyte


20 thoughts on “OP New Zoo Legendary | Card Review (Part 2) | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

  1. I'm happy to have Chump Reviews earlier than with the huge dump at the end
    Really hyped to hear the thoughts of someone who is actually willing to try to make cards work, even if it's for the Format I don't play

  2. Combustion can be your Shadow Bolt or your Powershot.
    Neither are very good, really, but Mage happens to not have Volcanic Potion right now.

  3. 0:30 t1 good card, adds depth to your turns and your opponent's with his positioning of minions
    3:00 t0 make or break entire decks.
    6:00 t4 no weapon deck has ever worked. dump tier card for arena too.
    10:00 t3 lazy legendary. at least is good in arena
    13:00 t1 and will be everywhere early in the expansion. just imagine all the cool kids with their DH aggro tech-ing against each others
    16:00 t0, will be everywhere and you will get cancer every time priest generate something random
    21:00 t3. will be in egg warlock as always.
    25:00 t0, several layers of broken
    27:00 t4, just for arena
    31:00 t1 tech against any aggro

  4. are you revealing a card for this set? if not, i hope blizzard considers you for revealing one next expansion, you deserve it!

  5. This looks like a filler expansion, the archetypes and decks established in Uldum and Descent are going to stick around. I don't see anything that a new tier 1-2 archetype could be based around. The new mechanic Spellburst also looks pretty fucking boring an uninspired, especially when compared to lackeys or whatever. Cross-class cards also just the laziest fucking shit ever that will be also horrible to balance out. Think I will sit this one out.

  6. At around 31:00 you talk about Cabal Acolyte being uselss in most situations. With a 1-cost spell (or 0) and a Scarlet Subjugator, 1-cost with battlecry to reduce enemy minion attack by 2.
    So, for 5 or 6 mana you can steal a 4 attack minion from your enemy board. That's can be a huge swing, even with only those three minions.

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