Playing Hearthstone with a Dance Pad & Guitar

You can use pretty much any controller to play hearthstone and using a dance dance revolution pad or a guitar hero controller seemed like a good idea this time. Just somehow connect them to your pc and find a way to map each of the buttons to control your mouse and than its time to lose I mean win

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33 thoughts on “Playing Hearthstone with a Dance Pad & Guitar

  1. So that is why Roffle doesn't show his legs, he is really controlling the game with Dance Pad

  2. This was just me but it got pretty dull and repetitive in quite a short time. Tbh it seemed like most of chat was having a blast but the schtick got somewhat boring for me.

  3. "Do you have any tip for someone that just started playing?"

    "Ofc…. Buy a dance pad!!! Are you good at dancing?!"

    …. From now on it s a must 😀

  4. Haha, Solem said the f word. Looks like he's going to become a Rockstar🤘 Now he has to spend his cards for Mana dust ;P to be even.

  5. And they said that you cannot exercise while playing a card game.
    Care to explain this?! shows guy that says it this video

  6. I thought this would be like a twitch plays hs situation where the combo of buttons makes what card goes where. This is so much better.

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