Priest Slapfight | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

Decklist: AAECAa0GCtMK1wr2B+ubA4WtA9wB47QDyMADyL4DjrEDCtqsA5O6A5mpA5u6Ax6vugPyrAPXrAP+rgPNrwMA

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Streamed on 2020-05-18
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17 thoughts on “Priest Slapfight | Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. Sees the video lenght Oh Nice … i love Allie's videos with multiple matches … Sees what kind of mirror match is … Oh Dear God …

  2. 12:14 playing kronx here (or last turn for that matter) isn't not greedy because galakrond hero power is plenty greedy. The two good kronx battlecries if you hold out for natural galakrond draw are the aoe and the 8/8. Given how slow the game is, I don't think 5 damage aoe is going to be strong enough, especially since you have so many cards left in deck so there's a very low chance of it being live when you need it to be. The 8/8 is almost immaterial given how slow the game is. Getting a random priest minion every turn is much better than a tempo 8/8 one time.

  3. I think Allie really doesn't understand how to play priest.

    You try to play Galakrond ASAP. Whoever gets him out first has a huge advantage. So she should have played Kronx ASAP to draw galakrond, then start generating infinite value from it. You are losing a card every turn you don't play Galakrond.

    Also, all the shadow madness did was steal a 3/1. It wasn't a good use of it.

  4. Me gusta como juegas!!, además eres adorable, gracias sigue así.

  5. Priest = best class. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Seriously, though, all this value priest content brightens my day.

  6. hey allie, now i am gonna call you cute and the same guy with 2 (or even more) account will call me a simp. you know what ? i don't care. you are a beautiful woman and beyond that, nothing else. just stating the obvious here. (i hope i am not offending you btw, which is not my intention)

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