Streamer RNG is a Real Thing! (Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Patches' Pirates)

«…I think I need a ghoul..»

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10 thoughts on “Streamer RNG is a Real Thing! (Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Patches' Pirates)

  1. I just realize that everyone started to play Battlegrounds these days not just streamers, and now even Thijs do it too.
    But, Schollomance Academy Hype. Really can't wait for the new meta.

  2. I know it’s really easy to pick out misplays in hindsight, and thijs will almost always be a way better hearthstone player than me, but I do think you misplayed when you rolled for a pirate before playing the attack buff pirate. You had so many doubles and would have lost two attack on one if you rolled a triple then played the buff pirate

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