THE B-TEAM?! MIDRANGE MADNESS - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Forget the A team, the B team has the dance moves.
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40 thoughts on “THE B-TEAM?! MIDRANGE MADNESS — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. A little bit lucky? Wtf that was crazy lucky all opponents sucked no one had mama bears or like 110 respawn mechanics so idk bout that one chief

  2. I know you love battlegrounds but after four years it hurts me to have to watch other people reviewing the new cards. Let's hear your thoughts 🙏

  3. I was hoping you would make a mid tier video cause I only make it to the a list like 5% of the time lol

  4. I get what you mean in this video, Kripparrian. I got a couple Iron Sensei's in a game, stuck with them for awhile and ramped to T5. Managed get a Sentry Bot, Foe Reaper and a Hydra I kept dumping buffs on. I ended game with 4 HP (earlier hits) but NUKED everyone once I got established. It was… Hilariously terrifying.

  5. Screw mid-range. I picked robo bartender today and basically took A.F. Kay's approach to a whole new level. Leveling up all the way to 5 stars, taking around 20 damage and then easy wins to #1 after that.. lol

  6. Crowd favourite is actually surprisingly good to prop up a strategy that's still looking for stuff. It's growth isn't dependent on spending buffs on it and it can get respectably large towards the late game so it's never bad, it's just never amazing.

  7. please a few less battlegrounds videos and a few more card reviews / arena / standard videos.

  8. Kripp is so far wrong about every one just pushing for top 4. Truth is, not every one gets a great 'deck' and you have to make the best with whay you are offered, whether that is early murlocs, demons or beasts, or a random assortment of cards.

  9. Should have hat buffed Zappy. I've never seen a buffed one of those before. I imagine it would be quite OP.

  10. I love crowdfavourite, hes part of my late game strategy. Double amalgam double crowd favourite bran and lots and lots of buffs.

  11. Been doing the same strategy..
    From 2500 to 3500 real quick and consistent after some experiments..
    BUT i have major delays with my crappy 2gb ram asus zenfone max ligh that explains the 2500..

  12. What? I get Crowd favorite everytime — one of the best minions to have in a menagerie strat.

  13. Hey everyone, quick question : What about the "achievement" frame popping from the side of the screen sometime ? ( i.e when Kripp do a gold card with a triple ). Is that some kind of program or addon ?

    Thanks to anyone able to help me, have a great day and have fun on Hearthstone !

  14. my guess right now is that blizzard balances cards by making them less common, that means when one person actually gets a good card pool its less likely he will lose

  15. can someone answer my question if the minions are drawn from a larger pool or if they are just randomly selected? so if only 5 mama bears are in existence you could draw all 5 and the rest of the players cant draw them anymore or if its just a random chance a certain minion is picked each round. Most games like that draw from a larger pool but im not so sure about hearthstones

  16. Silly question: Why do you only get to choose from two different heroes instead of three?

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