The Return of My Faithful Old Friend! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

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31 thoughts on “The Return of My Faithful Old Friend! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

  1. Am I the only one who sometimes want to see games that end really badly? And maybe a few words on why it went bad. Don't get me wrong, warching Savjz crushing is so much fun but there's alot to learn from watching a top 8 finish aswell.

  2. Looool. when you start running your mouth about strategies you dont make sense at all. Just said it already, you dont know how to play this game, that was just luck from start to finish

  3. Next time I call you bad Savjz, I will think twice.
    But I'll still spam KEKW before spamming KEKWait and Pog

  4. I just had the luckiest Eudora game ever. I got a Murozond from the hero power which gave me a Kalegcos. From the Murozond i got a golden hank from the player which gave me Nadina. Craziest dragon game i ever played lol.

  5. Lmao, Millhouse was sniping. He didn't know Savjz had a cleave yet the second time he had a spawn on the far right next to taunt to take the cleave.

  6. I love lightfang comps, purely because of how flexible they can be, you can choose which cards carry your comp and which ones tank and you're able to switch things up depending on your opponent's board as Savjz demonstrated in the last rounds.

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