TOP 5 LEGENDARIES FROM ASHES OF OUTLAND! | Tempo Storm Hearthstone [Ashes of Outland]

Ashes of Outland is about to drop and players may be hesitant on what Legendaries to spend their dust on! Join us as we take a look at the top 5 Legendaries from this new set!

Script: Jace “DrJ” Garthright |

Voiceover: Britt «sea_loma» |

Video Editor: OneJob |

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Despite its various championship titles, the franchise operates as much more than just a competitive team – Tempo Storm is one of the largest esports media companies in the world. Its Hollywood studio is home to innovative, bleeding-edge productions including events, tournaments, and gaming content for one of the highest-trafficked websites in the space. Tempo Storm also continues to deliver best-in-class live content with its proprietary mobile production abilities.

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16 thoughts on “TOP 5 LEGENDARIES FROM ASHES OF OUTLAND! | Tempo Storm Hearthstone [Ashes of Outland]

  1. Great video, Evocation wasnt updated in the banner though as it was reflecting shadowjeweler hanar still.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Already opened Shadowjeweler and Evocation so that feels good. Also 3 other legends so I'm pretty happy with that pre-order. This list was definitely missing the neutral legend that makes minions Dormant for 2 turns.

  3. I think Teron Gorefiend is terrible in Standard. There aren't enough low mana deathrattle minions in the game to play it on curve like in wild. So the only way to play is in the mid or late game but it's bad when you're behind on board since it most likely removes puts you behind in tempo.

    In Wild, I think this card is great in Egg Zoo since you summon a 4/4 + 3/4 on Turn 3 with a super sticky board.

  4. I am so gonna play that new Rogue so much, i'm so interested in secret stealth rogue, it's gonna annoy so many people

  5. I’m excited to play a warlock with sac pac and secret destroyers, just great techs against experimental rogues and demon hunters

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