Card Review (Part 1) | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

Scholomance Academy is coming soon! Thank god, because Ashes of Outland is terrible.

00:00 Shan’do Wildclaw
04:04 Wand Thief
07:30 Rattlegore
09:22 Nature Studies
11:20 Wretched Tutor
12:57 Transfer Student
14:06 Diligent Notetaker
16:08 Goody Two-Shields
17:55 Cult Neophyte
20:05 Lightning Bloom
23:46 Devolving Missiles
26:04 Troublemaker
28:24 First Day of School
29:44 Onyx Magescribe
32:00 Frazzled Freshman


13 thoughts on “Card Review (Part 1) | Scholomance Academy | Hearthstone

  1. great idea overlaying the cards overtop of your card collection to reference the current standard card pool, it really helps to visualize the options each card has in terms of viable archetypes and support

  2. And what about the OTK potential of Lightning Bloom? I saw a lot of comments about that but I don’t really know if it is really a threat

  3. One of the best reviews out there despite the incomplete reveal and possible support coming out for certain archtypes. Can't wait for the next parts, though, some craaazy new cards revealed already.

  4. The deepest expansion review so far, amazing meta analysis, reasonably explained predictions. Giving you a grade of 6 attack and 7 health for just 6 mana

  5. Damn I'm disappointed he didn't consider Shando an option for a boar copy deck. You can use it to get 2/2 baseline boar or another 6/6 copy for only 3 mana.

  6. "You know, when your opponent has 3 Tirions in play and you turn one into a 5 drop and he still has 2 Tirions…"

    Chump, I don't know what kind of meta you play in, but it sounds a lot more fun than the shit I've put up with the last while

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