Diablo 3 Season 20 Barbarian Leapquake GR 126+ & starter build guide - Patch 2.6.8 (Torment 16)

UPDATE: Season 20 patch 2.6.8 current

This Diablo 3 patch 2.6.5 Season 17 Barbarian Might of the Earth Leapquake GR pushing build can destroy Torment 16. Barbarian starter build also included. Gameplay shown in video.

Diablo 3 Season 17 start date: May 17.

Build reference: https://www.d3planner.com/342905815

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38 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Season 20 Barbarian Leapquake GR 126+ & starter build guide — Patch 2.6.8 (Torment 16)

  1. Want more toughness? Band of Might in cube instead of Convention of Elements

  2. God this video just convinced me to try a Barb. This is the most fun I’ve had playing D3. Try running multiple Leap/Quake Barbs for lulz. It’s funny watching a rift guardian sit stunned in the middle of the screen for a minute

  3. so what do you do if the pieces you got aren't even close to these stats and you can only re-roll one stat at the mystic?

  4. Somehow my leapquake can leap 20-30 times without stopping or waiting for cooldown of leap. (Even without Lut Socks) But I can't figure out how. I press the right click (Leap) and hold so I leap all across the map with earthquakes.

    The problem is this does not work all the time but makes me wait for cooldown. I cannot find how I manage to use Leap without stopping. Any idea?

    Edit to myself: It is In-Geom.

  5. Just came back to D3, Leapquake used to be my favorite build and now they've made it as a season journey reward, I'm happy.

  6. i have everything i should have but cant play on torment 16 without getting killed instantly, any help?

  7. This might be silly but I came here specifically to see what Legendary potion to use with this set up, which because of the way you edited your sceen, I could not see. So, which is best for GR solo pushing? Currently I use Diamond, but I don't feel as strongly about is as I do LpH.

  8. I have now played for 20 hours and i cant get the sword, rings, or belt, someone please help!! ):

  9. shit is very hard to play… i'm playing a barb using this build for gr 108 and i got 1 shotted. So i went back to HOTA and just owns

  10. ptr for season 18 mortick's brace can replace the Ancient Parthan Defenders for damage reduction and more check out the ptr to see results for yourself

  11. I have a question about the furnace vs fury of the vanished peak in the cube… I like to use more seismic slam so it makes sense to me to use bracers of destruction paired with FotVP in the cube because it adds 500% dmg to SS. But it seems universally accepted that the furnace and +50% dmg vs elites is considered BiS for the cube. Why would +50% dmg vs elites be better than +500% dmg to SS against all enemies?

    I think I know the answer but I’m not sure because my solo push is GR 91, and the time seems to be about the same using either one slotted in the cube, so I’m not seeing a clear cut difference that tells me it’s time to switch to the furnace. But I’m trying to make sense of this to optimize my build as I progress with my GR push. With MotE set bonus, bracers of destruction, and FotVP in cube that comes to ~ +21,000% SS dmg. Slotting the furnace into the cube instead of FotVP would give around +20,500% SS dmg and +50% dmg to elites/bosses. It can be deceiving because 500% seems like a lot more than 50%, but if I say SS has a dmg of 1 (just for simple math purposes), then FotVP slotted in the cube gives me 210 dmg with SS; but if I slot the furnace in the cube then it’s 205 SS dmg, but becomes 307.5 dmg against elites? Is that how it works? I think this is the answer to my question but I just was looking for some confirmation or clarification. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

    Update: I did a test, speed running GR81. First I used the furnace in the cube, finished the rift in 6:40. I made no changes to gear or paragon and did a second run with FotVP in the cube and finished the rift in 5:30. The biggest, most noticeable difference was that when I used FotVP in the cube I could one shot just about all of the trash, but when I used the furnace this was not the case; in areas of high trash enemy density this made a big difference in being able to move through/past the mob. Another observation was I did not feel any slower killing elite packs or elite champions, I dare say I at least felt like o crushed through them even faster. And the added benefit of half the fury used per seismic slam just makes it feel better, i don’t think i ever heard my barb say “not enough fury.” So I’m just still not sold on using the furnace over FotVP in the cube running leapquake/seismic slam barb. If someone can convince me otherwise I’m eager and willing to listen, but I’ve consistently tried to switch back and forth between the two options in the cube and everytime I come away feeling like FotVP is the better option.

  12. Seems fine until GR85ish. After that you take so much damage it's beyond ridiculous. I'm guessing you need to be decked out in Ancients or Primals. I'm even using Band of Might in the cube. I just don't see HOW you're suppose to not be one shot at 100+ without using Band of Might and Unity.

  13. Leap quake is a blast to play! I have been playing whirlwind since I started my barbarian. I had all the gear you listed in my stash and I started a leap quake on another barbarian. Lots of fun!

  14. So far I pushed to 106 GR but I'm terribly unlucky with primal drops.
    CD reduction isn't that big deal so I have exoteric alteration max level which keeps me alive. Ancient Parthan were good but the new Mortick's Brace is awesome with all 4 berserker runes and does massive damage to elites. The Flavor of Time's new effect for double pilon duration I also think is better than a hellfire amulet.

  15. why not swap the bracers for Mortick's Brace in season 18 to maximize Wrath of the Berseker?

  16. Finally got all the pieces. Its great build. However your bracers on the video are different fro those that are linked on the description…why is that?

  17. Forgive me if this question has already been asked but could you do a layout of the skills on a Xbox one controller

  18. Just found out today: Dumping Fury resets Leap! No wonder dumping Fury is crucial. Sorry. 1st time trying out a Leapquake barb. Still getting the hang of it. Still learning the ropes. Lol!

  19. any reason why your title is differant than 1 in video? 1 says season 19 and 1 says season 17

  20. why "veterans Warning"? it increases dodge BY 30% not 30%. if we dont have a lot of dex then we dont have much dodge. we dont have items to increase our dodge either. and none of the stats or gear give dodge. so if you have no dodge. 30% of 0 is still 0. with WoTB:impunity you get 20%. so, 30% of 20% is what 26.6% total? it really seems like a waste of a rune to me.

    i could be wrong. so someone explain it to me

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